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Malpensa Airport Parking

The official car parks at Malpensa all come under the name of ViaMilano Parking and they offer a number of short term and long term car parks at both terminals. There is also a free area where you can collect and drop off passengers.

You can use any of car parks, no matter which terminal your will depart from, but some parking areas are closer to one terminal than the other, so check which terminal you will depart from before booking.

Passenger Pick Up and Drop Off

If you are going the airport to collect or drop off a passenger then there are areas located directly outside of Terminal 1, on both the arrival and departure floors, where you can stop for free for 10 minutes. This is called the 10 Minute Area or Area 10 Minuti.

This area is strictly a stopping area, so you cannot leave your vehicle unattended, and it is a controlled area with a system that electronically detects the time it takes you to enter and exit. If you exceed 10 minutes you will get a fine! If you want to stay longer than 10 minutes then you can stay in a short term parking area.

The only exception to the 10 minutes is if your passenger has impaired mobility. In this case you can stay for up to 4 hours, but you will need to complete a form before you enter or no later than 3 days after you enter. The form can be filled in online here.

Short Term Parking

The short term parking areas are idea if you are collecting of dropping a passenger and wish to enter the terminal to wait for their arrival or assist them with departing. You can park in the short term car parks for up to 24 hours, but after 5 hours you will have to pay a full days fee.

Terminal 1

At Terminal 1 there are 4 short term parking area on the arrivals floor, and 2 areas on the departure floor. The parking cost is €3.00 for the first hour, €2.00 for 30 minutes period thereafter until you reach the 5th hour. At the 5th hour your will pay a full days charge which is €29.00. Payments can be made by automatic meters in the airport or at manned booths.

On the arrivals floor you will find the following areas:

  • P7 - The first parking area located on the right hand side.
  • Arrivi Sud - The second area located on the left hand side.
  • P8 - The third area located on your right hand side.
  • Arrivi Nord - The final area located on your left hand side.

On the departures floor you will find:

  • P9 - The first parking area located on your right hand side.
  • P10 - The second area located on your right hand side.

Terminal 2

At Terminal 2 there are 2 areas for short term parking. They are a little simpler, with one area for arrivals and one for departures. The cost is €3.60 per hour for each of the first 3 hours, and then the day rate of €29.00 will be applied.

Tip: You can stay in the long term car park P5 for 1 day for €19.00, so if you stay more than 5 hours at Terminal 1, or 3 hours at Terminal 2, you could consider parking in P5 and pay for 1 days parking fee at €19.00, compared to €29.00 in the short term parking areas.

Long Term Parking

The long term car parks are suitable for anyone staying more than 24 hours. There are 5 official car parks with a total of 10,330 spaces. Each car park has a different fee, and some are more convenient for 1 terminal than terminal 2, so a summary of each car park is below.

  • P1 "Long Term" - The parking area is uncovered, has a total of 1,200 spaces and is a 4 minute walk to terminal 1. It is the cheapest of all car parks for stays of 7 days or longer. The fee for the first 7 days is fixed at €45.00, so if you only want to say 1 day other parks will be cheaper. The fee for 14 days is €80.00.
  • P2 - This car park is the most conveniently situated to terminal 1. It is covered and is split into 3 subareas: Executive, Top Car and Genius.
    • P2 "Executive" - This area has 2,700 spaces and has direct access to the check-in area. It will cost €27.00 for 1 day, €98.00 for 7 days and €168.00 for 14 days.
    • P2 "Genius" - This area has 500 spaces and is a 2 minute walk to the check-in area. It is suitable for says f 7 days or longer and will cost €79.00 for days 1 to 7 and €114.00 for 14 days.
    • P2 "Top Car" - This is the most expensive of all the parks and is dedicated for luxury vehicles. There are 130 spaces located 2 minutes' walks from the check-in area. This will cost €30.00 for 1 day, €180.00 for 7 days and €320.00 for 14 days.
  • P3 "Express" - This car park is uncovered with 1,600 spaces and is a 3 minute walk to terminal 1. Fees are €25.00 for 1 day, €65.00 for 7 days or €100.00 of 14 days.
  • P4 "Holiday" - This car park is uncovered with 1,200 spaces and is a 4 minute walk to terminal 1. It's suitable for stays of 7 days or more with fees for days 1 to 7 at €59.00 and €94.00 for 14 days.
  • P5 "Easy" - This is the most convenient parking for passenger departing terminal 2, at just a 2 minute walk from the terminal. It is uncovered and has 3,000 spaces. The fees are €19.00 for 1 day, €49 for 7 days and €84.00 for 14 days.

All the fees above are based on online bookings made in advanced. If you don't book online then the fees may be greater. You can get a quotation, or book the official parking at

External Long Term Parking

There are many private operators outside of the airport who offer long term parking solutions at cheaper rates than the official parking mentioned above. These operators at slightly further away, typically within 5 kilometres, but offer a free shuttle to and from the airport. With all operators, you can expect a transfer time of less than 10 minutes, so they are still very convenient. The cheapest prices you can expect are:

  • €10.00 for 1 day.
  • €20.00 for 7 days.
  • €35.00 for 14 days.

You can compare all the external supplier using our form above.