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Malpensa Airport Arrivals

If you are collecting someone from Malpensa airport it is always advisable to keep up to date with arrival times. If there are delays with your passenger's flight, you don't want to arrive too early and incur excess parking charges. To make this easier, the table above provides you with live information on all flight arrivals, and highlights if flights are on time, or if there are any delays, a the new estimated arrival time.

If you need to wait at the airport for a passenger, then there is information on places you can stop for free and short term parking on our parking page here.

Arrivals Procedures for Passengers

After you flight has landed it will first make its way to a parking bay it has been allocated. Passenger must remain in their seats with their seat belts on whilst this is happening, and only remove their seat belts when the aircraft has stopped and the ‘Fasten Seat Belt' signs have been turned off.

When the fasten seat belts sign has been switched off, you can begin to collect all your hand luggage and get ready to exit the aircraft. It is important that you don't leave any luggage behind as you cannot re-enter the aircraft once you have left. If you have a mobile phone, you should only turn this on when the pilot says it is safe to do so. This is normally when you enter the terminal building.

You can start to disembark the aircraft when the cabin crew inform you, and you will exit via an air bridge or staircase. Make your way into the terminal building and then follow the signs for arriving passenger or Passport Control.

Passport Control & Security

Passenger who are on a domestic flight, or entering Italy from a country that is part of the Schengen Area will not be required to pass Passport Control and can make their way to the baggage reclaim area. At each terminal there are different routes into the terminal, and Domestic and Schengen Area arrivals will use the route that bypasses Passport Control. At Terminal 1, Domestic and Schengen Area arrivals will use entrance A, and all other flights entrance B.

If you have to go through passport control then ensure you have it on hand and present it when requested. EU citizens are free to enter Italy for as long as they wish and for any purpose, but none EU citizens may require a Visa. To check is you need a visa there is a useful website at

There are 15 passport control desk in terminal 1, of which 3 are e-Gates. The e-Gates are automatic gates which scan your passport and are useful if you have an e-Passport. In terminal 2 there are 14 passport control desks.

Baggage Reclaim

After you have cleared passport control, you can make your way to the baggage reclaim area. The baggage reclaim area is where you collect all you hold luggage and it is just a short walk from passport control in both terminals.

You will find several carousels with bags on as you enter, each with flight number displayed on a monitor. Each flight is allocated a carousel so you will need to find out with carousel your bag will be on. The easiest way is to look at the overhead monitors which will display your flight number, destination airport and the carousel number. If you flight is not show then a carousel may not have been allocated yet, so wait a few minutes until its show.

There has been an overhaul of the baggage reclaim area in terminal 1 are there are now 5 new baggage belts with one being 150 meters long! This is used for A380 passengers. Once you are at the carousel, collect all your luggage and then you can pass customers and proceed to the arrivals hall. If you have lots of luggage there are trolleys available which are free to use. You can take trolleys anywhere within the grounds of the airport.

If you have only hand luggage then there is no need to wait, just head straight to the exits, going through customers.

Arrivals Hall

The arrivals hall is the main meeting point where friends and family wait you greet you. There are some facilities in this area, but the facilities differ depending which terminal you are arriving at.

At terminal 1 you will find facilities like a pharmacy, banks, cash points, currency exchange, VAT refund, newsagents, bookshops, café and restaurants, a laundry and a luggage store. At terminal 2 there are less facilities, but you will find a chemist, banks, post office, currency exchange, newsagents, café and restaurants, and a bookshop.

If you have to make your own way from the airport, then there are numerous means for transportation available at both terminals. The Malpensa Express is the most popular option, which is a train that departs both terminals and travels into the centre of Milan. The Malpensa Shuttle is another option which is a bus route into Milan.

You can find out more information on transportation method on the following pages: